Window projections – Digital poster display by Glimm – Project window Casino UK

Glimm has received the order for big roll out in Casinos in UK for window projections. The challenge we have faced in this installation is that we had to work under the following conditions :

– size of window bigger than 100 inch so 180 x 280 cm

– daylight and sunlight condition during the year

– depth of place for the projection 50 cm behind the window – it must be a rear projection with videos in the glass

We have used one of our window films called digital poster High contrast, with anti-reflective layer on top of the film what will reject the light from outside with 50% and we used the digital poster contrast with high gain so high light transmission film so we create enough bright ness . Together with the new Ultra short throw projector from Dell as this has a 0.19 lens so we could come very close to the screen and achieve the depth we needed. The results were excellent in the day light and we discussed together with client to improve the content to use not to dark content but higher bright colors in the content what helped a lot to increase the quality of the projection. The projector could project 4 K quality as well. Together with the PC (nuk) and high end cables so we are not losing any quality by the cables we achieved excellent results.

This solution can be used for many windows indoor and outdoor and we have different films available to achieve images with transparency ( holographic film )or image on both sides (double glimm, 360 film).

Ask for the support what kind of projector and film can be used in these conditions as Glimm has 20 years of experience in this field to advise well.

Window projections – Digital poster display by Glimm

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