Audio in window

Audio in window

The Whispering Window emits music or messages through a window, creating aunique way to deliver sales and marketing messages throughout your store.

Shopping experience audio in window

Unlike regular speakers, using Whispering Window won’t obstruct the view into your store. And because the sound is evenly distributed throughout the surface, you won’t have to crank it up to annoying levels – customers will be able to hear your messages while still being able to carry on a conversation and have a pleasant shopping experience. Whispering Window sound is passive but it provides an aggressive marketing tool.

Technology of whispering window

Whispering Window sound drivers are small and unobtrusive. Utilizing a patented process, two transducers easily bond to any glass pane and attach to an included amplifier, which can work from any sound source. Noise pollution is controlled by a real time feedback that ensures the window never ‘whispers’ above a small amount over the outside noise level. The unique properties of this technology means only people on the pavement directly in front of the window hear the message. The transducers – chrome finished and the size of a hockey puck – go unnoticed and are easily hidden with minimal décor.


Whispering Window has been used many times as part of in-store marketing programs to increase footfall and sales with great results.

Use Whispering Window to:

  • Build brand and image awareness
  • Drive traffic into your store or restaurant
  • Accompany signage or other visual elements
  • Increase sales of a specific item or area within your location

How do I Attract New Customers into my store? Use sound to attract attention

Every store owner with a window display asks themselves “how do I attract new customers into my store”. The first task is to attract attention to ensure people passing by actually look at what you have to offer.


Consider GLIMM Technologies Whispering Window®, which has a proven track record in substantially increasing sales by up to 40%. A unique technology that delivers audio advertising messages from your shop, store, cafe or restaurant window display. These are not tacky speakers stuck on the outside of your building; instead with our vibration speaker you can turn your shop window into the speaker

Audio in window

Audio in window

Glass Speakers – Turn Surfaces into Vibration Speakers

A Feonic Vibration Speaker will work on a wide range of resonant surfaces in addition to glass windows : Plexiglas, wooden floors, metal, drywall walls and ceilings and so on. Even a shipping container can be transformed in sound

The use of audio in outdoor advertising has been limited by the inability of conventional loudspeaker technology to meet the stringent environmental demands of both the quality and control of sound. ‘Whispering’ Windows uses GLIMM technology to deliver subtle, effective and controlled sound when used in outdoor advertising or as part of a retail display campaign.
Glimm ability to convert all sorts of smooth, hard surfaces as well as windows into loudspeakers represents a paradigm shift for the outdoor and in-store media industry

Interactive Displays and Touch Screens with Sound

Bring shop or museum interactive displays to life by adding sound without obvious speakers or untidy grills: the display is the speaker. Touch screens can give audio feedback or instructions, play music or just say hello! Cabinets and display cases can generate just the right amount of sound, exactly where it is needed.

Whispering Windows Shop Window Speakers control Noise Pollution

Glimm Whispering Window provides good quality sound without annoying your neighbours or passers by and provides just the right amount of quality sound from your shop windows to attract attention but no more.

Attract new customers into your shop or store without expensive and unsightly outdoor speakers or other external modifications. Just “Peel and Stick” the drives onto your store windows.

Ask to see the Glimm logo. If it doesn’t say Glimm it isn’t the genuine Whispering Window®.

Up to 40% Uplift in Sales. How long will you let your potential customers idle by?

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