Transparent LED Foil

The transparent led foil is a unique new product with complete 100% transparency in difference to the transparent led screen that has less clarity clear as for now in the market. The difference is that these panels are flexible and comes with adhesive already applied for direct mounting to glass or acrylic. We can supply irregular shapes circles and triangles as well.

The leds are embedded in PET (clear plastic panels) so they cannot be damaged and are tiny. the connection between the different LEDs is done with micro wires virtually invisible and this makes the difference in comparison with transparent led screens . For most projects we stick the transparent led foil direct on glass or we stick them in the factory direct on acrylic sheets of Plexiglas in 5mm or 8mm or 10 mm depending on size, and hang them in front of the glass. Visibility from out side is still great, as the brightness can go up to 5000-7000 nits We can connect these panels easily to the controller (NovaStar), which connects to a media player or server.

We have different mounting system for these panels made off small wires or we can make frames of coated black or silver aluminium, all cables are hidden The maintenance is easy as panels can be removed and placed back from front or back side . All spare parts are on stock in Europe The key factor is that the transparent led foils will not be so hot as normal LED systems, so failure rate of the LED’s is much lower. With the new generation transparent led foil people can see from inside to outside and from out side to inside without interference from frames or wires.

This is the best 100% see through display in the world, they will work in daylight and sunlight and makes it possible for the advertisers now to create video adverts in glass facade in retail or entire bigger glass facades so it’s a new way to advertise on glass . Depending on the required resolution prices range from 3000-4500 euro’s / 3450-5750 dollars per m2.

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