Transparent LED display by Glimm – Beer Brand Belgium

Glimm has been asked by Belgium Beer brand to get a better experience with their products and brand in their experience center in Belgium. The idea was to promote with video in Glass the content and still you can see the big iron beer containers behind the screen so people could see through the screen.

The P10 Transparent Led was excellent for this and all is connected with remote control with IN cloud software to change the content any time .

These solution Glimm provides worldwide with their strategic business partners so if you have an application like this for example in the fields of :

  • Marketing promotion of products.
  • Exhibition, show and events to show holographic effects or general video content and still you have the see through.
  • Window displaying : You can run content in the glass and not blocking the window by screen and all so people still can see from inside to outside and from outside to inside. It has 80% transparency.
  • Outdoor advertising and indoor advertising market.
Transparent Led display

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