Transparent led display 2.8 high brightness – New led screen ( more transparent, higher resolution )

We have now available a new transparent led screen what will have more transparency, 85%, and at the same time it will have the brightness of an outdoor LED screen, 6000-7000 nits, so it works very well behind glass for advertising in windows and still have a great see through from outside to inside and inside to outside. Another advantage is that the system is now is available up to P2.8 resolution .

These screens will not provide an image on the back side of the screen so it will not disturb the room from the inside . The installation is based on Novastar software and can be controlled with any media player or computer. These led screen panels also have a very easy maintenance as you can take out the panels and replace the by a click system . The panel are coming in 50 x 50 or 100 x 50.

There are no visible lines in the panels so a clear see through display . The brightness can be controlled by the software and if you like you can increase it manually or by a light sensor. The internet connection makes it possible to stream all data , video , pictures etc. through our CMS system from anywhere in the world (it’s web based), so easy to control and easy uploading remotely without having to visit site itself, so you will save a lot of time and money doing it this way.

Based on the fine pixels it finally possible to place these transparent screens/displays behind the windows and people can see from a very short distance a clear image what was not possible earlier as there was only a transparent screen 3.9 as highest resolution available, and these screen were not as transparent as the new and improved ones.

We can offer the solution in any country in the world.

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