Transparent LCD box by Glimm

Glimm has introduced new transparent LCD boxes and transparent LCD panels with android or windows set up. We assemble and integrate these panels in different designs and concepts for designers, architects and many other creative media designers in the world. The units or panels will come with HDMI connection and the beautiful part is that we are able to stream videos from distance to these boxes and these boxes can be interactive.

The transparent LCD panels can be put together so we can make a interactive transparent video wall as well see link :

The transparent panels are virtually 100% transparent and these are easy to connect and can be controlled by PC or processor so you can run all video formats. The transparent boxes are available in landscape or portrait mode in 16;9 and are available with multi touch functionality. In the maximum 86 inch size this unique product to stream life size hologram as well from different places as the box is available with sound and 4k Camera. The transparency of these panels is excellent based on the white blacklight in the box and this makes the panels see through and got a true see through display look.

Prices for complete transparent LCD showcases range from 1500 euro’s / 1700 dollars for a small 21.5 inch model to 15.000-17.500 euro’s / 17.250-20.000 dollars for the largest 86 inch model, depending on options: camera / touch functionality / HD-4K panel resolution. Also, the transparent LCD panels can be supplied as a component with or without bezel.

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