Transparent front projection film versus transparent led screen outdoor by Glimm

Glimm has tested in India the new transparent front projection film with self adhesive for Glass What is available in higher resolution than transparent led.
These new transparent film can be used for holographic solutions as well for normal see through projections and now the film is a 1 mm thickness flexible adhesive transparent film for Glass . The film can be cut in any shape or size. The transparent led foil comes with a special adhesive for out door use . The film has as well more mono crystals so its more clear than most front projection film in the market . We know the rear projection films in transparency but these are not very useful for front projection.

The advantage we have now is that the resolution is higher and its easier to place the projector in stead of back projection. The film can be used with any projector but most people prefer the high definition definition projectors and the 4K projectors from Barco or Panasonic .
We have tested these films with our partners Barco, Panasonic, and the out come is brilliant quality. The front projection film can be used as well with short throw projectors or ultra short throw projectors. The results are that the more lumen we use the quality was not much better than the lower lumen as all the light will pass the film . The minimum we use for this films are 4000-5000 lumen light for 1 for 4 m2 .

The comparison between the transparent led and Front projection film is that the resolution is much higher using projection solution . When the solution is being used for outdoor we advise to use our Projector Outdoor Housing so the projector is protected for wind, sun, rain and dust . The Outdoor housing have air cooling so the heat of the projector is protected.

The film is available in rolls of 1.52 m and can be cut to size for each glass panel or it can stick to the glass itself from inside. The film can be as well interactive made by our Touch films or Infra red solutions.

The application for the transparent film is now :
Restaurant Bars in skyline buildings
In shopping malls
In architectural environment with touch single or multi touch solutions
Transparent Glass Wall solutions indoor
Glass outdoor solution with projection
Event and entertainment for Ghost projections
Hologram projection with a front projection

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