Self-adhesive Holographic films possible with ultra-short throw projectors by Glimm

ULTRA SHORT TROW PROJECTION FILMS Glimm has developed Transparent Front projection film and Rear projection films who are full 100% clear and see through and are excellent for hologram and other videos .

The films perform good black as well what is unique with projection films . the molecule structure of the film will make this happen that we have a great contrast in the screen . We have several holographic films in the following categories , Holographic film 95 , Holographic film 100 and Holographic film plus . These films all work with different transparencies and work with ultra short throw and in day light time. These projection films are available in width of 1530 mm and can easy mounted together seamless on acrylic or any type of Glass. Therefore Glimm has as well Holographic glass displays who can be placed in any design or interior and create clear holograms in daylight.

Now we can create hologram displays anywhere because no much space needed behind the screen and we can create holographic systems and many more hologram solution with ultra short throw projectors in market.

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