Rear projection and front projection using SMART film

Smart film technology with Ultra short throw projection 5000 Fuji laser.

We have a new smart film with a unique feature and this is that you can project on the transparent and opaque site and provide excellent images. This means we now can project images and videos on the transparent site so you can make normal videos and hologram videos as well.

The transparency can be controlled with a dimmer and we can play with the transparency from 0 – 100 per cent so when there is a lot of light you can control the transparency and contrast levels so you still have a nice image.

Unique is that with our smart film it works very well with ultra-short throw projectors and this gives the possibilities to place the projector very close to the screen like 20-40 cm away. This will do well for the on the transparent projection site as well the opaque site.

Further is the film now available in 1.8m width and can be made interactive as well with our new glass censors.

We have possibilities for clients now to install very where by authorized installers who can attache the film to glass or our glass factory can laminate the film between 2 sheets of glass.

Smart film used for front projection and rear projection

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