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Digital Poster Deep Contrast™

Digital poster deep contrast from Glimm Display. This product is a rear / front projection film based on our foil and film technology.

HQ video projections
HQ video projections

Glimm Digital Poster Deep Contrast™

Gives excellent performance on all kinds of high quality video projections

In-Store Advertising
In-Store Advertising


Create beautiful indoor advertisements projections with the Glimm Digital Deep Poster Contrast.


Make this film interactive

With touch-capebility using PCT or IR technology. Do you want to know the possibility's?

Ask us!


Available up to 200’’
Can be used with short throw projections
Can be used with touch screens single or multi-touch
Easy to customize (for example interactive table)
Special for glass applications
Available on rolls
Suspended poster system available Contact Glimm for more information


Digital poster deep contrast

The projection Film Digital Poster Deep Contrast  is a rear / front projection film based on our foil and film technology. The film is very thin and flexible (it is only 0.1 mm thick). Due to the structure of the projection film, the Digital Poster Deep Contrast is very easy to install (like a sticker) using water and soap.  It is the perfect solution for projection in advertising indoor HDTV applications to project films and video’s.

Easy sticking film

The projection film Digital Poster Deep Contrast is covered with a special glue layer, so it can be applied directly on the inside or outside on glass or acrylic. This film provides crisp brilliant images with high contrast colors from any viewing angle.

DPDC is easily to cut in any size and shape.

DCDP Is fast and easy to remove and is easy to integrate with other window graphics. If you are looking for a solution that can be reused multiple times, we can offer you the Digital Poster Deep Contrast film with an anti-static layer so you can use it multiple times on the window.

Furthermore, the Digital Poster Deep Contrast can be applied on different materials like acrylic, glass and safety glass or between glass. This projection film is the best for video / 3D / HDTV / Broadcasting / advertisement.

*The film is on stock can be delivered in a few days. 

How to apply projection film on glass

more instructions




Digital Posters Brochure

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