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Rear Projection Films

Rear and Front projection film

Glimm Screens is manufacturer of films in all kinds of circumstances, no bubbles , temparature resistance , warrenty 3 years , usable in areas were huminity is very high. These films  come with adhesive film or non -adhesive film layer. The rear projection films are easy to apply on any glass or aqrylic so you can create images on glass (like windows and project on these films ) or you can make your own screen. We have cutting and laser equipment to create logos for projections as well. The film can be applied easy together so you can make very large projection surface in sunlight. We have also transparent film for holographic projections and high reflective film to make large holograms.

The films are evaluated every year on quality and comparison and needs in the global projection market, this way we can guaranty best products, and as the only manufacturer of projection films in the global market offer them for concurring prices.Rear projection film are produced in Holland and has excellent quality.


  • Available for rear projection
  • Available for front projection
  • Available for dual / 360 projection
  • All films are available on rolls (up to 2m width)
  • All films are available in standard screen sizes



  • Touchscreen technology (Dual and multi-touch)
  • Cut to size (Logo projection)
  • Kinetic or Gesture-detection/camera options (IR)
  • Software solutions (multiple layer projection)


  • Non permanent or permanent sticking (cling  films)
  • Anti-reflective films
  • Adhesive films (anti static for multiple purpose)
  • Scratch resistance films
  • Other substrates for films

Award winning Dutch Manufacturer

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Available screen sizes & roll formats

Glimm Roll sizes
Roll sizes (width) 1530mm or 2000mm
Roll formats(length) 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m and 50m rolls available
Standard screen sizes
Aspect ratio 4:3 30″,40″,50″,60″,67″,84″,100″,120″,134″,200’’
Aspect ratio 16:9 30″,40″,60″,67″,80″,92″,120″,138″






Digital poster contrast



Rear / Front grey projection film – Digital Poster Contrast™


This film is the perfect solution for projection in high ambient light environments like shop window advertisement or similar applications. It provides crisp brilliant images in high ambient light and from any viewing angle and will even perform in direct sunlight.

Requires a 3000 – 5000 ansi lumen projector.

ico_acrylic ico_glassico_suntico_2d3dico_glass_windows


Recommended applications


This film is the solution for projections in sunlight or other high ambient light environments, such as:

  • Outdoor advertisement.
  • Window retail with high ambient light.
  • Indoor projections (shopping malls) .
  • Dual projections / 360 projections.
  • Boarding rooms / Control rooms.
  • All other high ambient light environments.

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Digital Poster Deep Contrast

Rear / Front Black projection film – Digital Poster Deep Contrast™


This film is the perfect solution for indoor HDTV projections and other advertising applications. Because of it’s deep contrast and high color range this is the ultimate film to project films and videos on. This film provides crisp brilliant images with high contrast colors from any viewing angle.

ico_acrylic ico_glass ico_2d3d ico_hd

Recommended applications


This film is the best for projections that require a large contrast depth and high color range, such as;

  • Indoor Advertising / broadcasting / HDTV / 3D.
  • Video / cinema screens.
  • Conference screens.
  • Control room projections.
  • Rear projection monitors / Simulation Market / Gaming market.
  • suitable for all projection content types.

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Digital Poster High Gain

White rear projection film – High gain film 


The Digital Poster High Gain™ is the perfect solution for indoor environments. The projection film is suitable for all kinds of projections. When the projector is off, this film will look like a frost film.

ico_acrylic ico_glass ico_2d3d

Recommended applications


This film is very suitable for indoor projections and, because of its anti-reflective layer, especially for glass applications.

  • Indoor projections (advertising/video)
  • Architecture & Design
  • Glass applications
  • Shopping windows

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Glimm Transparent film – Holographic Film™


Glimm Holograpic Films™ are transparent projection films for holographic projections. It can also be used for “normal” projections on transparent surfaces like glass. The film will be invisible when not projecting. The polymer technology that is used for the Holographic Film™  creates brilliant results: a sharp image, vivid colours, wide viewing angle and astonishing transparency!

ico_acrylic ico_glassico_test2

Recommended applications


  • Large size pepper & ghost application
  • Interactive hologram projection
  • Shopping mall
  • Museums
  • Fairs, shows and demonstrations
  • Window projection

The  Holographic film is available in different types en formats.

  • Holographic film plus
  • Holographic film 95
  • Different transparencies

Go to the holographic projection film section here.

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Glimm Mirror film™


With two-sided metal coating these films are so highly reflective that it’s impossible to see through the film from the outside, but very well from the inside out.

These films can be used in combination with In- and outdoor LCD / LED HD panels. To create amazing mirror effect when there off. In combination with our PCT Touch technology we are able to make interactive mirrors up to 82″ size.

ico_mirror ico_hd


Recommended applications


In combination with LCD / LED or Projectors or/and with touch screens single or multi-touch, the Glimm mirror film can be used in all sorts

  • Designer home interiors
  • Home theatre / entertainment
  • Corporate boardrooms
  • Shop fitting / displays
  • Fashion stores / changing rooms
  • Hair & beauty salons
  • Bathrooms / bedrooms / kitchens

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Glimm Rear projection Vikuiti / Glassfire™


Crisp, brilliant images in high ambient light areas and from any viewing angle. The Glimm Glasfire™ Rear projection film combines the focusing power of an optical lens with a black, light-absorbing layer to produce high contrast images, even in brightly-lit environments.

ico_sunt   ico_windowadd ico_hd

Recommended applications

This film is the ultimate solution for projections in sunlight or other high ambient light environments, such as:

  • Presentations
  • Fair trades
  • Advertising
  • Point of Sale & Point of Purchase screens
  • Interior & Design
  • Information centers, museums

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Glimm Daylight projection film – Silver Film


Silver projection film is a new development in the front projection market. The film has higher color output and more contrast than standard front projection screens, even in environments with lots of ambient light.

ico_sunt  ico_hd

Recommended applications

This film is the ultimate solution for video projections indoor or outdoor, such as:

  • Music / video stores
  • Cinemas / entertainment venues
  • Airports / visitor attractions
  • Home cinema screen
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Corporate boardrooms

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Photos of Rear projection films

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