Glimm Projection technology explained


Projection film technology

Glimm screens has 6 different type of projection films for different applications. We have a 360 degrees film so you can see the image on both sides, there is a film for projecting in the sunlight and aso creating holograms with these different type of films. The different PVC film has different chemical structures in the film it self what performs excellent for projections.
The films have different diffuse ratings and some have the right black color to perform high contrast vivid colors, the Gain , no hotspot and 180 degrees viewing angles and high light transmission layers in the films optimise perfect results to work with low ansi lumen projectors
Also the anti-refelective layer on top will resist a lot of sunlight so most film perform excellent in daylight and sunlight.
The projection film scan be also applied on glass or aqrylic so you can creat your own video screen for rear and front projections also it work very well with shirt throw projections or ultra short throw projectors.

Cut to size

Projection foil technology (Pet, polymere technology)

Glimm has 3-4 different projection foils in their program. These films are developed on a polymere strucute, it means the diffent micro polymeres will increase the brightness of the light and also are transparent.
Becuse of the transparency these films can be used on glass or other transparent materials and excellent to make holographic projection or can be used for creating transparent displays.These foils are protected with layer for scratching and can come with different adhesives or different anti static layers, it means these films are excellent to use in places were is a high huminity .

 Coating technology (metal spread coatings on glass or aqrylic)

Glimm has developed together with the Glass factory in Belgium a special metal coatins which can be spread on glass and these coatings have a great influence on the imagequality for projections. Glimm is using these coatings for different applications like we improved the phillips 4K monitors in a better quality by using these glass coatings. Glimm can use these special metal coatings also for projections. One of the top products is that we
have coated our holoflex material as well. This is used a lot of making holograms these coatings can be spread on different transparent materials for rear and front projections.

Projection screen technology (aqrylic micro polymere technic)

Diffuse polumere aqrylic screens. Glimm has different diffuse screens in their program with different polumere structures, the micro polymeres who are highly skelective chosen by Ren D makes the diffuse screen an very attractive price quality screen.
It comes in different thickness 1-12 mm and size max is 2m x 3m, we can cut any shape or size out of these screens so we can make a very creative projections.
These materials are available in 95% and 100% transparency without hotspotting. There are different colors grey and black what makes it possible to project in daylight and sunlight. All the screens have a no hotspot, 180 degrees viewing angles, excellent half gains and high light transmission of almost 70-90 procent without getting a hotspot (unique).
Big plus is that we can create high gain screens and keep the 180 degrees viewing angle what is in other screen not possible , the size can be made in 2m x 3m max and we can also put more together for bigger projections.

 Glass screen technology (clear glass with special PET technology)

Glimm is using different coating on glass or applying different projection film on glass or beween glass this will be done in the glass factory under special threatments
The glass factory and Glimm has developed Pet films to laminate this between glas together with the projection films to create different glass displays like ONYC Screen or Invisable Glass screen for holograms or High gain front and rear projection glass screens.
These glass panels can be used for displays or build in other systems. The glass screens can be produced in glass factory in Germany till max size 2-3 m in height and 7 meter in width max, smaller sizes can be ordered as well. Also we can place the holographic films between glass to create a holoscreen. These glass screens have specific options and are 100% transparent as well.

lamination technology (cleaning room )

Glimm has different lamination machines in there factory up to 2m in width and can laminate different adhesives to their foils or films. The maximun width we can laminate for rear projection adhesives are 1.8 meter. The adhesive can be permanent for glass and aqrylic or we can also laminate 100% clear adhesive layers to the films and we can add also non adhesive films or adhesives for special areas were we have a high huminty.
Important to know is that glimm can also laminate the projection films together so make very large screen like 20m x 20m and produce special framing for hanging these screen.

Different adhesive foils and anti reflective films

Glimm make a special anti reflective layer on top of their films or screen what allows and optimise the brightness improve the image quality with 50% the anti reflective film reduce the mirror effect you have on glass screens and aqrylic.
These anti reflective films comes on rolls on a 1.5 meter width with these films it allows you to work as well with less lumin projectors in sunlight or daylight because off the 50% reduction in mirroring you don’t need to increase the brightness of the projector.

Touch foil technology

Glimm can laminate touch films on glass or between glass or laminate these on aqrylic as well. We use our clear optic adhesives to stick those film to projection films or other transparent materials. We can stick them to max size up to 100 inch and make every glass or aqrylic in sunlight interactive with a single touch, multi touch or more points touch
these touch film are the only one what will work on glass in sunlight so it performes much better that the IR technologies. These touch foils create an electric static field what will pass or go through the glass and recongnise your touch on the otherside of the galss or aqrylic. The touch foil can come with a permanent or non permanent fixing. Also the projection film can be add to the touch foil to create and interactive projection on window.

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