Glimm Projection Films

Glimm Display is a manufacturer of Rear projection films, projection films like mirror film, smart film ect. Projection on mirror, holographic, silverfilm and more types. Glimm has its own manufactured projection film line, which are also available fully assembled on glass or between glass. There are 5 types of projection films that can be attached to or put in between different kinds of glass. The projection film has a maximum width of 2.4 meter, and can be 7 meters long maximum. Glimm films has different agreements with different glass suppliers in Europe who can laminate these films for you. Each film type has its own performance enhancements.

Projection foil

Rear projection films

360, transparent, sunlight, 3D, Short throw projection,

Rear and Front projection films manufactured by Glimm. There are 5 types of Digital Posters, each with unique features to provide you with ultimate performance in every type op projection environment. Projections in sunlight, holographic projections, 3D & HDTV projections, dual 360 projections and high gain projections.

Smart glass

Smart / intelligent films

PDLC Switchable smart film on glass or between glass

Clear film that becomes translucent. Transparent or translucent: you choose by clicking an electric switch. This technology offers a enormous wide range of applications.

Holographic solutions

Holographic Film

Pepper ghost, mirror film, transparent film, 100 % clear foils

Glimm manufactures different types of holographic films. There are 100%, 95%, 50% clear films available. Glimm Holograpic Films™ are transparent projection films for holographic projections. The film will be invisible when not projecting. The polymer technology that is used for the Holographic Film™  creates brilliant results: a sharp image, vivid colors, wide viewing angle and astonishing transparency!

Mirror foil

Mirror Screens Projection Films

Mirror tv foil in Screen can interactive, television

Because of the 2-sided metal coating these films are so highly reflective that is impossible to see through from the outside, but very well from the inside out. We offer Glimm mirror films in Silver, available both for indoor and outdoor usage. In combination with our PCT Touch technology we are able to make interactive mirrors up to 82″ size.

glassfire screen

Rear projection Film Glassfire

Vikuiti (3M) 3D Black film, HD, Short throw films

Crisp, brilliant images in high ambient light areas and from any viewing angle. The Glimm Glasfire™ Rear projection film combines the focusing power of an optical lens with a black, light-absorbing layer to produce high contrast images, even in brightly-lit environments.

Projection foil

Front projection Films Silver

Ultra High Gain, sunlight, Home cinema Projection Films

Silver projection film is a new development in the front projection market. The film has higher color output and more contrast than standard front projection screens, even in environments with lots of ambient light.

Mirror foil

Glass Screens projection Films

Black 3D, Sunlight, Transparent, 360, interactive, Smart Films

The first 100% holographic glass screen is now available! There is Rear projection glass screen, back projection inbetween glass, holoprojection in glass, holo video in glass or make your own Holotv in glass like a holomovie in glass. It combines visibility with the comfort of invisibility: magic! This new glass projection screen looks like normal glass, in fact, it is not. It’s a new optical projection film that has been laminated between glass or can be placed on single glass.

Projection foil

Transparant projection Films

Rear or Front projection films for Holograms, 100% / 95% / 50% clear

Glimm transparent Foils™ are transparent projection films for all kinds of projections. It can also be used for “normal” projections on transparent surfaces like glass. The film will be invisible when not projecting. 100% projection film for sunlight and the transparent projection film for Hologram are the most popular applications right now.

Projection foil

Digital Logo & Design Films

Digital signage logo , Vikuiti logo, cutting edge projection screens

To create to create the ultimate promotional – attention grabbing projection screen. Glimm can cut your projection screen into any shape, graphic, icon or logo you want.

Projection foil

Touch Film Films

Single touch, Multi touch, Interactive overlay, Touch glass

The touch foils are touchable through glass whether inside or outside of your premises in a variety of public spaces. They enhance the buying experience, extend your opening hours and make people love your business just that little bit more. The large format multi-touch capasative technology for glass with up to 10 simultaneous touch points.

Projection foil

Windows Films

Hologram window, LED, Projection film window, Window audio

To make you see without being seen, That is the magic of transparent window projection, made with a transparent rear projection film called the Glimm Holographic film™. It’s a real eye-catcher. Manufactured from transparent acrylic, the film offers a perfect balance between transparency and image quality. Turning your “normal looking” window into a projection screen when you want.


We have been producing projection films, and manufacturing a wide range of products for over a decade.


We offer more than our own manufactured product-lines. We offer the help needed to make your project a success.


Our technical and sale support are always standby to offer assistance.



Glimm screens is the only manufacture who is capable of creating projection films capable of supporting ultra short throw projectors. This technique makes it is possible to create a projection under an angle of more then 60 degrees on our films.


Glimm screens is one of the top three projection film manufacturers in the world. With over 20 years experience in visual technology combined with our one stop shopping solution we offer a wide range of visual products.