Pepper’s ghost installation at Mercedes factory by Glimm

Pepper’s ghost at Mercedes factory by Glimm

HOLOGRAM at Mercedes by GlImm

Glimm has made concept for setting up a large hologram for Mercedes at their factory in Japan The hologram is set up for their promotion of the way Mercedes is working with innovation and how they build there latest new cars . The technology we have used here is a 12 meters 4 meters high Reflective film stretched in a frame system called truss and covered all so you didn’t see the materials . We have used a LED floor 1,9 pixel on the floor for receiving the best optical quality with a high resolution and bright Holograms. In our 3000 m2 facility we add all signage and covering with the standard materials like MDF and 3 Bond to cover the hole set up so all cut to size . We also made a led video wall on the back side of this project so we could make holograms around existing videos and text . In the back wall there is video wall placed in pix 1.9 The hole concept or idea is based on Pepper ghost technology and done with our holographic films See set up links :………

The markets we approach for these solutions are 1. Exhibitions : on stage we present holograms like life persons for presentations 2. Theaters : we have a lot of shows were they wanted to create illusions for hologram 3. Retail : we do a lot for product presentation in a hologram fro brand like NIKE, Rolex or else 4. Design integration : we integrated pepper ghost in many designs by visual architects or designers 5. We can create pepper ghost in any box or for example container see link :…

We have done some other references for pepper ghost see video :……

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