P3 led screen of 20 m2 in airport museum UK by Glimm

Glimm installed a p3 led screen of 20 m2 in airport museum UK.
We combined static images around the led screen and a nice p3 video led screen.

The museum airport is installed with a video processor so the client can change their images real time. The frame construction is been made so we could make a circle visible from the front side.

The high brightness led screen provides excellent image in the high ambient light of the Hall. The led screen is available and on stock in Europe at Glimm screen and our support team will support 24-7 h a day.

For new led inquiries don’t hesitate to contact our team at glimm. The led screen are available from 0.9 pixel til p10 pixel. Also we have transparent led screen available.

For contact  sales@glimm.nl or by phone 0031 50 589 3112

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