OUTDOOR Transparent front projection film by Glimm

Glimm has a New OUTDOOR Transparent front projection film. Glimm made a transparent film suitable for front projection in daylight time and outdoor.
Till last year there was not really a perfect film for daylight and outdoor use in the market . We finally have now a New film so we can full fill a gab in the market and make new applications suitable what was not possible before.
We always had washed out images on daylight and no quality with front Transparent projection film , translucent films or see through films. The rear projection film worked only in night time and not well as well in day time.

The NEW front projection film is full transparent and can stick to any surface acrylic or glass or between glass. The lamination between glass can be max 2 m in width if we sandwich the film between glass . The film will not block the view to see from inside to out side and visa versa.
We even can now make a 4K transparent Glass TV as the film can be worked out with a short throw projector and PC and the film can be sandwiched between glass so very compatible with the transparent OLED screens as well.

Ask Glimm display for the comparison between transparent led and Transparent OLED versus our transparent front projection film : sales@glimm.nl or call 0031505893112.

Application :
Hologram on events
Government projects outdoor use projections
Glass projections in daylight
Transparent screen see through on shows and exhibitions
Branding new products as a transparent display
Retail market new transparent displays
Architects and designers new product developments
Shops in shopping malls
Video mapping on buildings during the day and night time

For further information please email: sales@glimm.nl or call our office +31505893112.
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