Our new interactive virtual mannequin

We proudly present you our new virtual mannequin! This new version uses a highly transparent projection film without a cut-out. The big advantage of this new version is that you can easily switch between virtual hosts or show extra information on the screen, the host is not bound to the cut out shape of the mannequin. This new version is also has a touch layer so the uses can interact with this new mannequin.

virtual mannequin

This solution is an ideal, interactive display to inform customers, visitors and guests. Whether promoting special offers, in-store promotions or being used as entertainment at special events, the multilingual virtual mannequin is the ideal medium to deliver your message.

Retail stores, airports, offices, shopping malls and public buildings all over the world are using the Virtual Mannequin to enhance the consumer experience and increase sales by improving customer service in a unique and interactive way.

For more information about our virtual mannequins:

For contact sales@glimm.nl or by phone 0031 50 589 3112


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