Multi person Hologram presenter – New product by Glimm

Glimm has Developed a new Virtual Interactive Presenter  

We have created a new holographic system what can be used in many places like :

  • Conference rooms : we can use it for holographic conferences , real life person with sound and interactivity
  • Stands and exhibition : to present new items in holographic shapes with a life size person in presentations
  • Corporate entrees : A hologram is pointing you the way and you can touch the glass to gather information by cell phone or by touching the glass with your fingers
  • In museums as  part of life person from history lessons who comes a life and speak with you
  • Staging , Events : we can show artists from the pass alive as a hologram to increase ticket sales for life concerts
  • Education , Medical , Government for video conferencing life CEO for speaking to groups
  • Brands : Marketing promotion to present your product as a hologram for higher value of brand awareness

This is a multi functional systems with all touch and internet or HDMI to play all kinds of content its endless . This system will come in flight case and can be moved easy or transported by air or else . The content can be uploaded external by any internet network like 4G or 5G.

So steaming live is possible now.

Retail stores, airports, offices, shopping malls and public buildings all over the world can use Virtual Interactive Presenter to enhance the consumer experience and increase sales by improving customer service in a unique and interactive way.

For contact or by phone 0031 50 589 3112


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