Retail solutions Do you want your shop window to attract more attention? Do you want to raise to brand awareness or sales by playing movies or commercials in your shop? If so, then Glimm Screens has the right tools for you.

Projection on your shop window

Did you know that it’s possible to project directly on the glass of your shop window? With Glimm’s transparent holographic film, you can turn any glass surface into a projection screen. If you apply our antireflective foil as an extra layer your shop window will be even more striking. And when the projector is turned off, your shop window is completely see through.

Touch screen on your shop window

You can also take it one step further and turn your shop window into a touch screen. This allows your customers to interact with you even when your shop is closed. Glimm’s touch screen solution is a through glass application. The transparent touch foil and Holographic Film are applied directly on the inside of the window. Customers operate the system by touching your window from the outside. Simple, safe and very high tech!



Behind the window

If you want moving images in your window display you could consider placing plasma screens. But the risk of theft is high and so is the price and the weight of big plasma’s. A safer, lighter and less expensive alternative is a projection screen. Besides, with projection screens you don´t have size limitations. And the larger the screen in your window display, the more attention it will attract from passers-by.


Different screens for different purposes

Use the dark coloured Glimm Blackfire if you mainly want to play movies. This screen has a higher contrast and provides natural, deep colours. If you want a stylish 100% see-through screen we recommend the acrylic HoloGlimm or the glass Invisible screen. These screens will turn any shop window into an eye-catcher!

Point of sale

Inside your shop, at the point of sale, you can also benefit from placing projection screens. Use a screen to play your commercials or those of the brands in your shop. Present your latest offers and change them instantly when your stock runs out. Allow your customers to browse through your catalogue or special offers with an in store touch screen. The possibilities are endless.

Any questions?

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