In store communication

When choosing screens for In store communication there are a few things you should consider.

Size does matter
The bigger the screen in your shop, the better your message will get across to your customers. Lot’s of shops use plasma screens, but these screens have a few disadvantages. Big Plasma screens are heavy and have to be mounted on a wall. Projection screens are lighter and can be mounted on the ceiling as well as on walls. Big plasma screens are very expensive. Above 60 inch, you get a lot more screen for your money with a projection screen.

Different screens for different purposes
If you want to play movies on your screen, we recommend you use the dark Glimm BlackFire. The transparent acrylic HoloGlimm and the glass Glimm Invisible Screen are the best options if you want a see-through screen. These screens look great in any space besides being perfect for communicating with your customers.

Touch screen
If you want to interact with your customers you should consider a Glimm Touch screen. Let customers browse through your product catalogue, your special offers or other content. The possibilities with Touch screens are endless. 

In store communcation

In store communcation

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