LIVE SIZE HOLOGRAM streamed with Pepper’s GHOST by Glimm

Glimm has developed a new pepper ghosts foil what can be very large in size and is easy to mount. The hologram foil or our new hologram mesh can be used easy for making 4K hologram.

The hologram effect and technology with projector is easy to use in combination with our hologram materials like: hologram mesh Holobox Hologram projection system Hologram used with LCD Out stage hologram is better than the Hologram musion eyeliner , or hologram showtex materials so check this out as we are 20 years in this field and market leader in hologram technology.

The sizes can be limitless up to 12 meter wide for the hole stage. The Pepper ghost Engineered frame what is necessary to stretch the frame is available up to 6m width. After this size all will be stretched in a truss frame and mount with stretch materials to mount to the truss system. Out team can install all this world wide and most of the time we send 1-2 people together with local support for the hole set up and advise on the projectors and AV connections. The Pepper ghost is done for BMW for a event and show so we see a lot of A brand companies are looking for new ideas and we are able to stream live size people as a hologram all over the world.

Glimm has a new platform developed were clients can log in and stream with a green screen set up live person as a hologram on any place in the world. Ask for more information for creating a life size hologram or other holograms Like : Hologram Mesh screen 3D hologram projector Hologram eyeliner 3D film or our life stream hologram and Hologram advertise solutions like the Hologram in air and screen less Holograms. See our new Holoflex finer pix in mesh with new optical coating 2 x more brightness.

We can offer the solution in any country in the world.

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