Interactive table by Glimm

We have received an order for the dentist laboratory to modernize their office in Belgium using new touch screen technologies. The idea from the client was to teach the student using new interactive media and to work with more visuals in 3D and Holographic technics to increase the experience of their scope of work.

We have made a new full Holographic video wall in Glass for them as well a new interactive table.

The challenge we had making Interactive table was :
– Make a customized table ( big size )
– Must be motorized in height
– Needs to be interactive with object recognition for teeth
– Color black

We have made this new interactive table in our factory as you can see on the video. 3M monitor with touch option was integrated as this monitor works the best with the software for object recognition. The software is developed by a German software developer and was easy to integrate on the NUK (pc).

The content management system was very easy to upload and add new videos . The table is a full multi touch table so you can work with many files: PowerPoint, mpeg 4 videos, pictures etc.

The table has been coated in our factory and integrated we developed this products in 2 weeks’ time.

We receive interesting mails around the world for this table in the field of :

– Restaurant : For interactive menu cards and ordering through table.
– Board rooms : CEO and board of directors like this tables to present their presentation by table.
– Architects : They use now visual digital drawings to show on the table instead of old papers.
– Exhibitions : They can show their products by the table and discuss new collection so they don’t have to bring all their products to the stand what save money and m2 on the stand.
– Shows and event : Children play games on it and can win a price by MC Donald or else.
– Point of sale : It will serve as a point of information for tourist or advertising platform.

Interactive table by Glimm

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