Interactive Smart Window Film at gallery in Koln

Interactive smart film with New smart sensor control !! Glimm display installed a new concept for smart film technology. Most smart film works only with the transformer to switch the film from opaque to clear for the window. Glimm has developed a smart sensor for any smart home application and smart windows to regulate the smart film to the transparency modes from 0-100 % clear When people are standing or entering the window the smart film will go automatically slowly to the transparent modes, this will be regulated by a new implemented and programmed sensor developed by Glimm. The idea from the gallery was that people see the paintings on 4 windows the gallery sells and the pictures can be changed on each window real time on the window.

We used 2 x HD Panasonic projectors of 10k with a video mapping software so the client can upload his pictures or videos in the programmed templates. The videos or picture can be shown in real time on 1 window or on all 4 windows the same time. The client can work globally and changes his window anytime were he is in the world. When people entering the windows the smart film slowly change to the clear modes and people can see the real painting behind the window. There is also a bar code presented so people can upload on their phone the information of the original painting and can read all information on there cell and take home and buy.

We are working on a touch module as well for this client so the people can touch the window to gather information from the smart film projections.

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