Interactive mirror display

We would like to introduce e new interactive mirror display with interactive moving sensors.

The interactive mirror display is built in our factory in Netherlands where we integrate new technologies with hardware and software. The factory is building for us the display around the technology Glimm provide. This means we can produce serial production is very short lead time for our clients around the world.

The interactive mirror display is a high brightness LCD of 3000-4000 nits with a cover of a very thin acrylic or glass with our mirror film attached to the glass. The mirror film has the capability to transmit light from behind in this case the monitor that why you will see the images or videos in the glass.

This projection mirror film can attached to any transparent substrate also windows for example.

We have different option to choose for the interactive technology on the mirror screen :

  1. PCT touch film technology can be add
  2. Infra-red frame around the display 2,4,8,10 points multi touch
  3. Camera face recognition
  4. Motion detection control incl software

The complete unit is a computer based so it will have all connection for uploading and downloading videos picture and can be connect through RJ 45 to internet or internal network systems.

The units can be built in different sizes and can be used in different markets like :

Retail shops : Think about fashion or other brands who can show there products in a mirror display.

Hotels : These display is used a lot in high end hotels for showing promotion in the mirror in bath rooms or in hotel rooms .

Architects  : Tts used a lot in interior designs of houses and buildings.

Designers :   They integrate these mirror screens in there concepts and deigns.

Airport : They use it as a interactive virtual person in mirror on the airport for pointing direction for customers.

Point of sale : They use it as interactive display to gather information by touch the screen.

Advertising : We can show portion activities for brands on these display and they have a complete other look than the normal LCD so bring more attention to people.

Interactive table by Glimm

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