Interactive Hologram display – Car Hologram by Glimm

Interactive Hologram as Car Display a 4K Hologram of Car (14 meter W x 4 meter H. ) Glimm has developed a new concept to sell the second hand cars on the American market much easier than before. Together with a high innovative car brand in USA Glimm has developed a hologram experience with a new car concept. We will present these new concepts around the USA to sell more cars for the car brand company. People are getting an interactive hologram experience with e real car size car presented as a hologram. The car can be build up from scratch on the customers need.

We used to make this happen in our factory in Holland. We used our high 3D reflective holographic films and a new designed frame to stretch the film as flat as a mirror ( mirror film). we used high end led system in pixel 1.9 with a filter on top . the design is around can be changed to any design with logo presence. The car is presented as a HOLOGRAM in real size. The brightness is so high that we will see any scratch on the car. This concept is implemented in many retails outlets in USA. The concept is modular so we can create as well many different holograms in smaller sizes.

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