Display HOLOGRAM SET UP – How to set up a HOLOGRAM by Glimm

Glimm is creating for clients Hologram content in different ways for the 3D hologram displays and for the Holographic projection solution and Transparent Rear and Front Projection materials.

In the Glimm studio you have the possibility to create Live Hologram content so we can stream Live persons as a virtual person all over the world by 5G Network.

The Holographic content can be upload in the cloud on a Glimm Holographic platform where you can receive a login and distribute your normal content as well your Holographic content real time to the glimm applications like hologram in window, The Pepper ghost live Hologram on Stage, The hologram in air without glasses , Hologram Pyramid’s or Holobox and many more.

For many clients we develop a visual strategy and we discuss the way we could fit the hologram concept in the plan and Marketing budgets.

For further information please email: sales@glimm.nl or call our office +31505893112.
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