Holographic car set up – Holocar by Glimm

Glimm has produced a new concept for the Holographic car set up. We made real size life car Holograms what people can see in shopping malls, retail shops or windows. The hologram is visible in 4K resolution so very crispy colors and looks very real. The hologram can be made of every car and be placed in any place around the world and we can stream the videos of the hologram to every city, window or shopping mall. The hologram is made for selling more cars who are not visible in the show room so realistic as a hologram the USA company is selling based on this concept more cars.

This hologram box is 8m x 2,75m and has a depth of 2m it means the Glimm Team has engineered a new pepper ghost concept with less depth so they reduced 50% of the normal pepper ghost depth and engineered a new frame system what could achieve this. It’s the first in the world with such a less depth. This exclusive concept is ready for sales in all kind of different sizes no and light weighted aluminum profiles so easy installations and less transport cost.

This concept can be used every were and special on placed for retails shops or malls, events, show and exhibitions, advertising and museums .

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