Holofan – 3D Hologram Advertising Display Led Fan (video wall) by Bjorn Bijster

Create a super borderless 3D hologram effect with no background! This product can be scaled to enormes sizes just by adding more LED fans, the LED fans work together to make one large hologram. This is product has a high brightness so it can be used in full sunlight and still be very visible. Our LED fans are from high quality and are rated for a constant daily use.

So with this new holographic solution we can create floating hologram in different applications like hologram on events and show or hologram in exhibition and even hologram in windows and look as a transparent display in the window.

This amazing see through Hologram technology opens a new dimension in Hologram technology as now we can make easy hologram in high light environment like sunlight . The hologram system can be displayed in any size from 25 inch -400 inch or larger , we can create life size holograms in high definition quality combined together with a new secure CMS system.

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