Holobox 2 3 4 side – Higher resolution

Holobox with higher resolution and more transparency

Holobox 2 3 4 side – Glimm developed a new Holobox (any size ) what has a 2500cd/m2 so it has a much brighter and clear colors than any other holobox in the market its in better than HD.

Holobox 2 3 4 site

This unique effect of objects hanging in the air makes the content and its message well remembered by the audience, especially Holobox 2,3,4 site. This way of promoting information through 3D holographic presentation is a great replacement for common, old-fashioned advertising techniques to create an unique brand awareness.

The Glimm HoloBox™ is the first holographic box to display objects floating in the air. When looking at the HoloBox™ you can look straight through the box and you will see nothing else but the 3D content floating in the air.



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