Glimm Screens B.V. in Saint Petersburg

Glimm Display has a new product in his program and is called flexible led display.

Glimm Display has installed this in Saint  Petersburg –  Russia.

They still keep the same look with the traditional printed posters,
people may have felt tiredof them after a long time.
So why not do some changes on them and make our city more
attractive and alive? You say outdoor?
Of course, we can do it! We can also supply the
solution in high brightness. Waterproof, anti-UV, good structure.


See what we can do:
(1) Brightness 5500nit to 6600nit outdoor led lamp we can supply.
(2) Pixel P4.8 for better video distance. This is OK.
(3) Tempered glass for front protection. Super white 5mm curved shape tempered glass.
(4) Anti UV led lamp high brightness is OK on our flexible model.
(5) The cabinet curved structure,yes we can make it.


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