Smart Glass

Smart Glass

Glimm PDLC Switchable Film (SMART FILM which is made of two layers of transparent conductive films sandwiched with polymer dispersed liquid crystal material, is the core material to make smart glass.

By controlling the modem switch, it can turn glass from transparent to opaque, and back again in milliseconds. This outstanding electro-optical characteristic enables it to a wide range of application in commercial entertainment, aviation and maritime, rail transportation, store windows and other critical national facilities, sites and so on.


The secret of its characteristic is the polymer dispersed liquid crystal technology. Liquid crystals molecules in the film are oriented randomly oriented.

When the power is OFF, the crystals scatter the light and the product appears shaded.

When an electronic current is applied and the product is ON, the liquid crystal molecules align and the inside light can penetrate through it. Thus, the product appears transparent.

Smart glass



You can stick the self-adhesive smart film to glass, acrylic panel and any other flat transparent material, with a structure: glass + film.

Remark: Product Shape and Size

  • Any shape, including holes anywhere.
  • Max size: 1200mm*4000mm
  • Thickness: 0.4mm



Laminated PDLC film is the main material to make smart glass. Customers can choose this item to make the ideal smart glass according to their own demands, being put between two pieces of glasses the structure: glass+ Laminated PDLC film + glass.

Remark: Product Shape and Size

  • Any shape, including holes anywhere.
  • Max size: 1850mm*4000mm
  • Thickness: 0.38mm



The customized smart glass is available and can be directly installed on specified projects.


Smart film can adjust light under electric pressure to switch between transparent and mist, and meet the double requirements of glass on penetrability and privacy protection which are the most functional feature of PDLC film;

it can guarantee adequate lighting even when it’s not transparent, warm in winter and cool in summer. The infrared reflective insulating effect makes the Inner house cool and comfortable. This is unreachable by other curtains of today.


Optical Properties Visible Light Transmission ON >80%
OFF <5%
Visual Angle ON 150°
UV Blocking OFF/ON >99%
Haze OFF/ON 94%/6%
Electrical Properties Operating Voltage ON 70AC
Frequencies ON 50 to 60Hz
Current 2mA/m2 2mA/m2
Response Time ON==>OFF 0.002s
OFF==>ON 0.01s
Power Consumption ON 8W/m2/hr
Specification Durable Temperature  -30°C to 100°C
Life Time



Switchable glass APPLICATION

  • PDLC film for privacy protection and energy saving.
  • PDLC film for displaying and Security.
  • PDLC film for hospital.
  • PDLC film for projection screen
  • PDLC film in Aircraft

Clear glass screen that becomes translucent. Transparent or translucent: you choose by clicking an electric switch. This technology offers a enormous wide range of applications.


Smart foil and standard panels from 1 - 1.4m width

Large sizes and custom shapes available

Can be used as HD rear projection display

Suitable for any type of glass

Panel size up to 118

Custom sizes up to 2405 x 2000mm

HD projection

Available in Black and Opaque

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