transparent glass screen

Glass Projection Screen 100% Transparant

Invisible Screen™

Available for Rear or Front projection.

The Glimm Invisible Screen™ is a 100% transparent projection screen. It consists of a transparent projection film which is laminated on a glass surface. Because of the glass surface the Invisible Screen looks more exclusive than it’s acrylic counterpart the Hologlimm.  The Invisible screen is 4-15 mm thick and available up to 3000 x 2000mm. Because of it’s transparent nature, it’s also very suitable for holographic projections. We can also produce larger sizes on request.


Transparent Rear Projection Screen

Transparent Glass Invisible Recommended applications

The Invisible screen is a real eye-catcher in indoor environments, such as:

  • Shops / Windows / Shopping malls
  • Museums
  • Fairs, show and demonstrations
  • Interactive solutions
  • Hologram display
  • Pepper & Ghost solutions

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100% transparent

Our screens are fully transparent


Large glass screens

Our glass screens are available up to 6 meters long. Also available in acrylic.


Make your own

Make your own transparent screen with our transparent adhesive projection films.


The magic of transparency!
To make you see without being seen. That is the magic of the HoloGlimm, a totally transparent rear projection screen. It’s a real eye-catcher. Manufactured from transparent acrylic, the HoloGlimm offers a perfect balance between transparency and image quality. The polymer technology that is used for the HoloGlimm projection screen creates a brilliant result: a sharp image, vivid colours, wide viewing angle and astonishing transparency!

The polymer technology in short
Using a  specific chemical process, polymer components are warmed up and made rigid. The material created this way is an acrylic substrate that’s perfect for projection. It is possible to modify the gain, the contrast or the transparency of the substrate by slightly changing the chemical formula.


The HoloGlimm is the perfect medium for point of sale promotion and communication. It’s image quality combined with it’s see-through abilities make it one of Glimm’s top products.

Product features

Transparency of the projection screen

Excellent image quality

No hot spot on the projection screen

Vivid colours

Wide viewing angle

Sound and resistant material

Available in one piece up to 200 x 300 cm

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Transparent Glass Screen Invisible Application Examples




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If you need further information, a pricing quote, or want to discuss ideas for using our products please complete the form below, or call us on 0031 50589 3112.

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