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Smart glass

Intelligent smart Glass Screen

Transparent or translucent: choose by clicking an electric switch

Clear glass screen that becomes translucent. Transparent or translucent: you choose by clicking an electric switch. This technology offers a enormous wide range of applications.

Smart screen

Projection Film foil for Glass

Transparent acrylic, balance between transparency and image quality

This technology is called a polymer liquid crystal technology in combination with projection films we manufacture in Holland. The products we produce are two types of switchable smart film and is also available as switchable smart glass. The Glass products we are using is from a very fine liquid crystal polymer which changes its visual appearance when a electrical current is activated.

Projection foil

Glass projection screens Glimm

The most transparent screen structure, suitable for holographic

To make you see without being seen. That is the magic of the HoloGlimm, a totally transparent rear projection screen. It’s a real eye-catcher. Manufactured from transparent acrylic, the HoloGlimm offers a perfect balance between transparency and image quality. The polymer technology that is used for the HoloGlimm projection screen creates a brilliant result: a sharp image, vivid colours, wide viewing angle and astonishing transparency!

 Glass projection screens

Rear and front projection film on glass or between glass

Glimm has its own manufactured projection film line, which are also available fully assembled on glass or between glass. There are 5 types of projection films that can be attached to or put in between different kinds of glass. The projection film has a maximum width of 2.4 meter, and can be 7 meters long maximum. Glimm screens has different agreements with different glass suppliers in Europe who can laminate these films for you. Each film type has it’s own performance enhancements.

Black screen

Black 3D Glass Screen for video projection

This Onyx™ is a black rear projection screen, filled with millions of micro lenses that give the image a bright effect. As projectors do not project black, the black projection film of the Onyx™ gives you superior contrast in your projection image and the micro lenses provide two times more brightness than normal projection screens. The Onyx™ is available from 40’’ up to 200” in 4:3 or 16:9 format and requires only a 3000 – 5000 ansi lumen projector. We can also produce larger sizes on request.

White screen

Transparent Glass Screen Invisible Hologram

Available for Rear or Front projection.
The Glimm Invisible Screen™ is a 100% transparent projection screen. It consists of a transparent projection film which is laminated on a glass surface. Because of the glass surface the Invisible Screen looks more exclusive than it’s acrylic counterpart the Hologlimm.  The Invisible screen is 4-15 mm thick and available up to 3000 x 2000mm. Because of it’s transparent nature, it’s also very suitable for holographic projections. We can also produce larger sizes on request.

Black screen

360 Dual Glass Screen Projection both sides

Projection on both sides with one projector
The Glimm 360 Glass screen™ is a projection screen which shows the projected image on both sides of the screen. Using the Glimm 360 projection film, the screen uses a unique technology that produces a perfectly viewable image on both sides at the same time with 180° angle of visibility, creating the world’s first 360° projection surface. The 360 glass screen is 4-15 mm thick and available up to 3000 x 2000mm. We can also produce larger sizes on request.

Black screen

Front projection Glass Screen

High brightness in sunlight
The Star screen is an extremely bright screen that provides an image without hot-spots. Most high gain screens do have hot-spots and a small viewing angle as well. The new optical filter that is applied in Star screen solves these problems and provides an image that is smooth and subtle. The combination of high gain brightness and a viewing angle of 180 degrees is unique.

Silver foil

Sunlight Glass Screen glimm

Front projection in sunlight!
The Silver screen has a special crystal coating, this coating exists of crystals which will light up when you project on this material. With This material it is possible to make large outdoor displays. For large outdoor displays we use projectors from 10.000 – 30.000 ansi lumens. We are able to project images from 4 PM till 4 AM for advertisement, this solution is more cost effective then LED. The further you stand away from the screen the brighter the screen will be.

Holographic solutions

Glass Screen 2D/3D Projection

During the 20 years of experience in projection films and display solutions, Glimm screens has developed a special division for integrated solutions. to enter the creative advertisement and digital signage market. Glimm has developed different customized products/ display solutions in 2012/2013 for different clients. These products will be offered with complete content solutions and can be managed and maintained from a distance (using a Wifi-internet connection).

Interactive Projection Glass Touch

Interactive Glass Screen

All of our glass screens can be extended with interactive multi-touch possibilities. There are several techniques available to create a single- or multi-touch screen out of your glass display.

More glass screen products

XXL glass screens


Interactive Glass


Videos of glass solutions

Intelligent glass

Clear glass screen that becomes translucent by an electrical switch.

Hologram in glass

Project a hologram on glass with our holographic film.

Large 3D projection in glass

Create 3D projection on glass up to 7m width!


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Glimm screens is the only manufacture who is capable of creating projection films capable of supporting ultra short throw projectors. This technique makes it is possible to create a projection under an angle of more then 60 degrees on our films.


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