360 Transparent Led Display by Glimm

Glimm has developed a new 360 transparent display what we called 360 led display or transparent old 360. The 360 means that you can see the visuals in 360 degrees. The transparency is 100 per cent and the rotating led … Continued

Transparent led foil by Glimm

First most transparent screen installed in Holland ( 90% transparency without projection ) resolution HD and 4K. First flexible transparent led screen installed in Holland : Glimm display has worked with a manufacturer together to work out the most transparent … Continued


Large 3D Outdoor Hologram 3D HOLOGRAM IN SUNLIGHT ON STREET . Glimm screens B.V. has developed a CMS system were you can stream holographic content through internet to all of her Hologram products like the Hologram fro OUTDOOR use. The … Continued

Glass Display produced at Glimm Factory

Glimm display makes Glass screen or glass displays . The production of glass displays with special high contrast film and coatings are available in any size The glass displays in 4K resolution can be made with a single layer on … Continued

Holoflex in India by Glimm

Glimm has sold a new holoflex fiber optic material to one of the larger AV system integration for a 360 degree view hologram in a circle The material we used is flat light weight 23/m 2 fiber optic coated, so … Continued

Transparent LCD box by Glimm

Glimm has introduced new transparent LCD boxes and transparent LCD panels with android or windows set up. We assemble and integrate these panels in different designs and concepts for designers, architects and many other creative media designers in the world. … Continued

Transparent LED Foil

The transparent led foil is a unique new product with complete 100% transparency in difference to the transparent led screen that has less clarity clear as for now in the market. The difference is that these panels are flexible and … Continued

Interactive mirror display

We would like to introduce e new interactive mirror display with interactive moving sensors. The interactive mirror display is built in our factory in Netherlands where we integrate new technologies with hardware and software. The factory is building for us … Continued

Interactive table by Glimm

We have received an order for the dentist laboratory to modernize their office in Belgium using new touch screen technologies. The idea from the client was to teach the student using new interactive media and to work with more visuals … Continued

360 Transparent Led display

Glimm has developed a new display in full transparency with high transparency in 360. The screen technology we used here is a full transparent led behind full plexiglass and the plexiglass is curved in our factory. The P10 are small … Continued

Our new interactive virtual mannequin

We proudly present you our new virtual mannequin! This new version uses a highly transparent projection film without a cut-out. The big advantage of this new version is that you can easily switch between virtual hosts or show extra information … Continued

Lifelike holograms on stage with flexible Holoflex

For special events The Glimm Holoflex (Large Holographic projection) is a transparent curtain (flexible transparent material special for large 3×12 meters, customization to size). – Holograms can now be made with normal front or rear projection, direct on the screen … Continued

Glimm 360 information Lamp

Glimm Display BV has developed, designed and installed a 360 information Lamp, using flexible round led material with 3.9 pix resolution. The 360 information Lamp was made for a hospital and for hospital information system so when people are entering … Continued

Attending IBC 2018 – Come Visit Us!

Glimm Display is attending IBC 2018 which is the world’s leading media, entertainment & technology show. The annual six-day event, takes place at the RAI Amsterdam – The Netherlands, from 13-18 Sepember. Come Visit Us !

Attending ISE 2018 – Come Visit Us!

Glimm Display is attending Integrated Systems Europe ( ISE 2018 ) which is the world´s largest AV systems integration show. The annual four-day event, takes place at the RAI Amsterdam – The Netherlands, from 6-9 February. Come Visit Us !

Interactive Hologram new

Interactive Hologram   Interactive Hologram – New interactive hologram build in window with Holoflex material.   Holoflex information: For special events The Glimm Holoflex (Large Holographic projection) is a transparent curtain (flexible transparent material special for large 3×12 meters, customizable to size). … Continued

Holographic Pyramid Upside down

Holographic Pyramid Upside down Holographic Pyramid Upside down – A new and different Holographic Pyramid by Glimm. This Holographic Pyramid Upside down is different then our standard one. The Glimm 3D Pyramid display can combine holographic 3D content with physical products. … Continued

Transparent LED

Transparent LED – New product Glimm introduce the Transparent LED behind glass so people can see from inside to outside (so no blocking of windows) and you can make advertisement videos in glass during sunlight. This showcase is a new … Continued

3D without glasses new product

3D without glasses Glimm has now available the new 3D ultra HD TV without glasses prices 12000 us dollar. This is the first screen for watching 3D HD content without glasses. This because of the new software and 3D technlogy … Continued

Bus Project Coca Cola By Glimm

In the meantime we are working on a new great project in Pakistan and developing a new media advertisement bus as mentioned below for Coca Cola. This bus will be driving day and night and will be placed on shows and events in Pakistan.