3D Holographic technology in dark environment (Holoflex / PepperScrim)

For special events The Glimm Holoflex (Large Holographic projection) is a transparent curtain (flexible transparent material special for large 3×12 meters, customization to size). This is a more flexible, cheaper and easier to install than the traditional pepper ghost solution (eyeliner 45 degrees reflection film , mirror film). Create your own hologram with our new Holoflex material (eyeliner). It can be stretched on any place you like and is set up in few minutes!


With our 100% transparent film (holographic film ) and holographic screen (Hologlimm) 100% transparent Glass or Acrylic screens ( patent technology by Glimm ) we are able to make holograms and holographic effects in 2D and 3D with a direct front or rear projection in ambient light and still you will keep the full transparency of the screen.

More information about this easy fold-able and flexible holographic material: https://www.glimmdisplay.com/holographic-solutions/large-hologram-projection/

For contact sales@glimm.nl or by phone 0031 50 589 3112


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