360 Transparent Led display

Glimm has developed a new display in full transparency with high transparency in 360.

The screen technology we used here is a full transparent led behind full plexiglass and the plexiglass is curved in our factory. The P10 are small panels connected together in a round circle behind the glass

This display is well used in different settings like:

  • Branding your product, the content is floating around your product what can be placed in side the cylinder and so it will provide extra awareness.
  • Advertising: we can create advertising content around the products and give more attention people will buy the product your promoting
  • Shopping window : create a nice new visual display people will stop and you generate more traffic into your shop.
  • Exhibition: You can promote this with a nice stand on exhibition for showing your products
  • Show, Events and corporate entrance for promoting the event or show with nice video content and people can walk in 360 around the display as its visible from all site
  • Shopping Malls: promoting advertisement in 360 degree in shopping mall so many shop owners can promote  their shop and offers .
360 Transparent Led display

These products will be plug and play and you can ask for customized sizes with Glimm display the delivery time is 4-6 weeks from order and we need some design if you like to customize product

For contact sales@glimm.nl or by phone 0031 50 589 3112


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