360 Transparent Led Display by Glimm

Glimm has developed a new 360 transparent display what we called 360 led display or transparent old 360. The 360 means that you can see the visuals in 360 degrees. The transparency is 100 per cent and the rotating led is creating the video image. The 4 LED’s are rotating in combination with software we were able to create a clear High definition image in 360 view . the unique feature is that inside the cylinder you can place products and when the cylinder iis don-line you can see floating content in 360 degrees around the products. A real eye catcher. The transparent OLED 360 can be connected with hdmi to media player and the media player is connected with the internet. With the glimm software we are able to send videos from all over the world to this transparent display. In the software we have a template were you can upload your mp4 or other files you like to play.

The display is very well visible in daylight so suitable for shopping malls, retails , indoor and out door communication , advertising , hologram display in stores and many more places

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