Holobox, holographic display

Interactive 2D/3D objects in holographic box

The Glimm HoloBox™ is the first holographic box to display objects floating in the air. When looking at the HoloBox™ you can look straight through the box and you will see nothing else but the 3D content floating in the air.

Interactive 2D/3D objects

This unique effect of objects hanging in the air makes the content and its message well remembered by the audience. This way of promoting information through 3D holographic presentation is a great replacement for common, old-fashioned advertising techniques to create an unique brand awareness.

The following Holobox sizes are available:

Size available: 19” , 22″ , 32″, 42″, 50″, 65″, 72″,84″


Smart Eye

SmartEye uses different sensing technologies that

enable a real-time, two-way interaction between the

The digital content changes along with the audience

reactions, according to their specific facial

audience and the 3D media content.

expressions or body movements.

phone connect

Holobox Technical:

Showcase :

1.360°Hologram Showcase with 4 sides
2.Inverted pyramid holographic showcase: High quality Special Tempered glass material for 3D display

Electronic video function:

1,Supports split multi screen
2,Supports Horizontal and Vertical display mode.
3, Auto loop-playing when powered on.
4, Video playing breakpoint memory.
5, Support Advertising spots insert.
6, Support power on/off scheduled
7, Support BMP icon displaying.
8, Supports rolling captions displaying.
9, Supports file copy and delete, and support advertising files updated by USB.
10, It could create playing list record files if needed.auto-generated.
11, Full high definition 1080P non interlaced display and interlaced display.
12, Support USB host2.0,hot plug. Easy to update the media files.
13, Support MPG、MPG-1、MPG-2、MPG-4、AVI、MP4、DIV、TS、TRP、MKV、WMV、RM、RMVB. 14, Play mode:1,one file play repeat. 2,Loop playback in disk.
15, Audio play mode: left channel, right channel, stereo.
16, OSD support Multi language
17, Support rolling caption.
18, Support key board
19, Support update the software by USB.ality WiFi module included (802.11 B/G/N)

Benefits of the Holobox

3D hologram product presentations

Create a Wow factor for your new product presentation

Create a new effect in window spaces
Show your product with visual effects

Make products come alive

Can be connected to any internet connection to change image from distance

Every kind of content can be visualized in 3D

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Photo gallery of the Holobox by Glimm

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