Glimm USA – New Office

Glimm Products in the USA

Glimm USA will bring the full range of products to the USA and they will open 3 new showrooms in Texas. April / May and have decided to participate on a few exhibitions starting in April and May 2016.

Glimm USA is the first U.S. company to bring innovation to a higher level in the U.S in Texas. We consider USA to be behind with technology in 5 to 10 year, why can’t they be up to date like everyone else?

Glimm USA is bringing the new innovative products from Glimm Display Netherlands to the USA. They will also be a distribution company and installation company for Glimm Display Netherlands. There will be sold by stock order and will be available incase you need quantity as soon as possible.

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Computer Repair + has teamed up as an Exclusive Distributor with Glimm Screens International. They are to be the first and number #1 distributor of future innovated technology. As it turns out the future of technology will not be available in the USA until 2020 or 2021 as predicted by Intel. Some fortune 500 companies even show in the year 2025 to 2050. Computer Repair + has found a way to bring that technology sooner before any other company brings it to the USA.

We will also be introducing new transparent tablets, cell phones, laptops, holographic watches and much more before all the U.S. cellular phone companies and small business introduce it.

Keep an eye on our new telecommunications link coming in Mid to late June 2016. In July 2016 we will have very advanced technology such as 5k technology and advanced medical technology programs and devices.


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